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Valerie Rogers
Phone: 415.264.8058

Valerie Rogers

Val Rogers will work tirelessly to ensure the best price and terms for the sale of your home. She uses her enthusiasm, energy, experience, and area knowledge towards understanding accomplishing her clients’ real estate goals. In addition, she is a member of select network groups with similar business acumen. Val enjoys and values her longtime association with clients, which contributes to her success.

As a Realtor of 20 plus years, Val is known for her personable and collaborative approach and demonstrates intense negotiating skills for her clients. She works hard to minimize anxiety and stress which may accompany the sale or purchase of a home. Her years of experience equate to excellence in client service.

Val’s experience includes:

· Professional marketing experience

· Investment properties and speculative real estate ventures

· Property restoration and remodeling

· International travel in the airlines industry

· Interior design

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